Final Course Evaluations(Spring Semester 2022)

1. Period:
Students Provide Feedback:May 23, 2022 (Wed)~ June 10, 2022 (Wed)
Instructors Can View the Result: From June 15, 2022 (Fri)
2. Fill Out the Questionnaire or View the Result:
<NTNU Students and Teachers> Please login to NTNU iportal and click on Academic System.
<NTU and NTUST Students>  Please login to NTU System Academic System.
3. The propose of the course evaluation survey is for the instructor to understand students’ acceptability of the course so as to provide reference information for future instructional adjustments, improve teaching quality and enhance interactions between instructor and students.
4. Before the deadline of grade submission, student who want to know his/ her academic subject performance of the course must complete the course evaluation survey. The completion rate of course evaluation survey will be the basis for distribution order of course allocation in the next semester.
5. The course instructor can inquiry the result of course evaluation survey after completing grade submission.
6. In the case of less than 5 respondents, the result will be used as a reference and will not be included in the statistics analysis of the department or program.
7. Courses Evaluation Survey Guideline


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