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Department overview​

The Department of Health Promotion and Health Education is under the College of Education and is one of the twenty-two departments in the National Taiwan Normal University. In 1954 , the Department of Physical Education of the National Taiwan Normal University was renamed as the Department of Physical and Health Education . Then, in 1957, the department disintegrated physical education and health education into 2 separated tracks. Until July 1959 , the Department of Health Promotion and Health Education was officially established. Since its establishment , in addition to its continuous efforts to improve teaching equipments, faculty qualification, student quality, the department has been actively involved in all kinds of academic and research events. Due to the high demands for research experts, the Department expanded to establish a graduate institute of Health Education and started offering a master program in 1980. Then , in order to provide continuing education for teachers and strengthen their professional training, the Department began an evening-class program (now this program is integrated into the Extension Division for Inservice and Continuing Education ) in 1981. Furthermore, the Department started to offer a summer program for continuing education in 1982, and then lunched additional a summer b achelor degree p rogram in 1989 . In 1993, the Department officially instituted its Doctor al Program. Since then, the Department of Health Promotion and Health Education has created a complete plan and comprehensive capacity for the education of health education professionals .

Educational goal

Educational goal

The Bachelor Program is to train both elementary and middle schools health education teachers, and to cultivate entry-level health promotion professionals. 
The Master’s Program  is to train both elementary and middle schools health education teachers, and to cultivate advanced-level health promotion specialists. 
The Doctorial Program is to foster academic and research professionals in health promotion for universities, and to cultivate research and administrative leaders in health promotion .


        The goal of the Department of Health Promotion and Health Education is to educate the students to apply  health promotion and health education theories, methods and strategies to empower the individuals, organization, and communities to perform health behaviors, and to upgrade their quality of life.

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Address: Department of Health Promotion and Health Education, 6th Floor,Cheng Building, 162, He-ping East Road, Section 1, Taipei 106, Taiwan

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