GPE (Graduate Program in English)
Besides thesis, students are required to meet their graduate credits to complete their degree.
We offer GPE structures for international students of master’s and Ph.D. program. Courses under GPE structures are taught in English, international students may take the courses of GPE structures to meet their required graduate credits.

  • GPE Structure
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  • Graduation Requirements
Graduation Requirements
M.Ed.1. 32 credits
2. Thesis
3. Oral defense (proposal + final)
Ph.D.1. 27 credits
2. Qualifying Examination
3. Thesis
4. Oral defense (proposal + final)
5. Thesis progress report *2 (1should be reported in seminar)
6. 1 paper published/accepted by a SCI/SCIE/SSCI/TSSCI journal in the name of a doctoral student of NTNU HPHE after admission, before Final Oral Defense application
Please note that proposal and final oral defense can not be conducted in the same semester.
  • Graduate Handbook:
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    (2022.11.17 version) (click)