[OIA] Disappearance and Rebirth: Taiwanese Dyeing Craft

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Hello Everyone!

The Office of International Affairs has organized a cultural exchange program this year, featuring courses on coffee, dyeing, clothing and makeup, and blue-and-white porcelain. Through these courses, we aim to introduce Taiwanese culture and promote student interactions.

This particular session is entitled “Disappearance and Rebirth – Taiwanese Dyeing and Weaving Craftsmanship.” As we trace the history of dyeing and weaving in Taiwan, we find that the craft of “dyeing” has undergone several transformations. Early Taiwanese indigenous peoples only dyed threads, not fabrics; the blue dyeing by the Hakka people was primarily for practical purposes; and Sanxia, the town renowned for blue dyeing, used to be an economic center for exporting blue fabrics. However, due to various factors, both Han Chinese and Atayal weaving and dyeing techniques were interrupted and lost during the Japanese colonial era, unable to accumulate further cultural heritage.

For this course, we have invited instructors specializing in “tie-dyeing” to introduce new directions in Taiwanese fabric dyeing styles. Focusing on the relatively monolithic dyeing and weaving techniques in Taiwan, “tie-dyeing” draws inspiration from foreign cultures. Its origins include the tie-dyeing hippie culture in the United States, the century-old dyeing workshops in Japan, batik from Indonesia, and more. By incorporating these cross-cultural influences, we hope that more people will come to know the diversity and fun of colors and dyeing. We will explore creative themes from Taiwanese folklore and traditions and establish a multi-color dyeing and weaving system.

All students are welcome to experience the new style of Taiwanese fabric dyeing!

  • 【Date】
    • April 16 (Tuesday), 18:30-21:30
    • April 19 (Friday), 18:30-21:30
  • 【Location】Heping Campus I – Liberal Arts Building I Room 103
  • 【Number of Participants】Expected to be 40 per session
  • 【Registration】Registration URL:https://forms.gle/yzHZsRrHvKN7xuar9
    • Please register before 12:00 on March 29th, 2024. Registration will be closed when full.
    • Deposit: Please pay a deposit of NT$100 to the Office of International Affairs from March 29 to April 11, 2024.
    • This free event will include one food box for each participant.
    • Chinese-to-English interpretation is provided.
  • 【Contact】Ms. Tsai, Student Affairs Division, Office of International Affairs, Tel: 02-77491278, Email: malibu@ntnu.edu.tw
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